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The PVF U10 named champion of the National U10- Viettel Cup in 2013

2013 was the second year that the national U10 tournament has been organized. This year’s tourney gathers 16 teams from across the country. The PVF U10 was in the same Group B with HCMC Children’s House U10, Bến Tre U10 and Sầm Sơn - Thanh Hóa U10 teams.

Set on defending their championship trophy in 2012, the PVF U10 was well prepared. Regrettably, against their will, several key players could not make it to the matches due to injuries incurred as the match days came near. This was really a headache for the coaches.

Only a few days before the tournament began, the PVF 10 coaching panel tried this position after another and assembled the new line-up and formation. Thankfully, upon entering the tourney, the boys gave fantastic performances, with an aesthetically pleasing, convincing style. In the qualifying round, the PVF U10 earned an absolute win at all the three matches (defeated the HCMC Children’s House 3 - 1, Bến Tre U10 9 - 0 and Sầm Sơn Thanh Hóa U10 5 - 3), thus topping Group B.

Spurred by continuous wins, the PVF U10 eagerly advanced into the final against the Daklak U10 with great excitement. With psychologically triumphant advantages and surpassing level, the PVF U10 crushed the Daklak U10 4 - 0 with ease and was officially crowned at this year’s tourney and successfully defended their 2012 U10 championship trophy. Apart from the championship title, two of the PVF U10, Cao Hoàng Minh and Nguyễn Xuân Bắc, were named as the tourney’s Typical Footballers.

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