Nguyễn Khắc Khiêm, a forward in the Number 10 jersey, leaves strong imprints on the Vietnam U16’s style

Khắc Khiêm is a footballer hatched from the PVF incubator. This player possesses various elements that make an outstanding scorer. Khắc Khiêm is more than confident in handling, controlling the ball, and finishing. Khắc Khiêm boasts exceptional personal techniques which allow the player in the number-10 jersey to create sudden changes and fantastic moments for spectators.

On the Vietnam U16’s way to the final, Khac Khiem is an indispensable element. He is not only a talented scorer but also a skilled play maker who is instrumental to Coach Đinh Thế Nam’s playing style. During the final against the Australia U16, Khắc Khiêm was among the most prominent players.

It was thanks to an intricate ball pace-off and auspicious play-making manouever from Khiêm that gave Huỳnh Sang a good opportunity to score the first goal. Apart from the play-making manouever, Khắc Khiêm scored his own third goal for the Vietnam U16.

What a pity it was for Khiêm personally and the entire Vietnam U16 that the players could not safeguard their advance scoring advantage after 90 minutes and were defeated on the fateful penalty shoots-out. Despite the flop, with his shining performance at this AFF U16 Youth Championship, Khắc Khiêm promises to become a bright star in the future and a real “number 10” of the Vietnam football.

Fans are expecting Khiêm to learn more from his teammates and better tap into the team playing style to become a more noticeable name of the Vietnamese youth teams in the time to come.

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