PVF and secrets in training young players

By winning the champion title at the National U19 Tournament, PVF has proved to be a strong youth training center in Vietnam at this moment.

The National U19 Tournament ended with PVF team being named the champion after the team triumphed over the Hà Nội T&T in the penalty shoots-out. Advancing into the final has proved themselves to be a strong youth training center in Vietnam at this moment. What are behind PVF’s success?

It takes two elements to become a powerful footballer training center. First, a successful batch can maintain their success over time, for instance from U15 to U17 and from U19 to a higher rank. Second, the center has to successfully recruit a similar gifted batch in succession.

A look at the line-up of the PVF and Hà Nội T&T teams at this National U19 revealed the young players boast steady growth. While the entire 25 PVF players are those crowned at the U15 in 2013 and U17 in 2014, eight main positions on the Hà Nội T&T team were also occupied by those coronated in the U19 final in Pleiku.

From the start, Hà Nội T&T gathers players from across the country and is aiming to make a decent living by the students they train. As for PVF, the player training is a corporate story. Triumphs such as the champion title of the National U19 are the best advertising medium for them.

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