11th anniversary of PVF & celebration for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11

Ngày cập nhật21/11/2019

On the afternoon of November 20, PVF celebrated the 11th anniversary of establishment and Gratitude for teachers on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20.

The event was attended by staffs and PVF players and Pho Hien football club.


This event is an opportunity to unite all employees, coaches, PVF students and Pho Hien football club.

Today is a special day, a day for all of us to think about and appreciate our teachers. And just a few more days, PVF will turn 11 years old.
The late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong once said that “Teaching is the noblest in noble professions, the most creative in creative professions because it creates creative people”.


Student Tran Lam Hao said thank you and gave a small gift to Ms. Phan Thu Huong – CEO of PVF.

The studiousness, the respect toward teachers and morals, ethics is thousand-year cultural beauties of the Vietnamese nation. It is great that PVF always has teachers who are not only good at their career but also thoughtful, who guide and teach generations of students and players to be good people.29

PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier received gifts from PVF students.

This is also the moment that PVF people have the right to be proud of what has been achieved when PVF has proven its leading position in the training of young Vietnamese football. But more than that, all teachers and students today are also carrying on their shoulders a great responsibility and mission when we have been determined to go along with Vietnamese football towards great goals – toward finals of Olympic Games 2024 in Paris and of World Cup 2026. And we understand that those goals can only be achieved when we are united, determined and unanimous.
In the bustling and emotional atmosphere of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, as well as the 11th anniversary of PVF, PVF’s teachers, staffs and students had the opportunity to gather together, participate in the cohesive games and send along the beautiful songs to thank our teachers.
All had fun and meaningful moments when attending the football tournament and listening to the warm and touching messages of PVF students.

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