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Ngoc Anh from Song Lam Nghe An FC has completed his rehabilitation at PVF

Ngày cập nhật18/01/2024

On 31/05/2019, Ngoc Anh of SLNA finishes his rehabilitation at PVF Medical Department.

This player followed a 1-year rehabilitation program after a knee surgery for ACL sprain. Physiotherapy techniques, antalgic techniques, strength and balance exercices, aerobic conditionning, injury prevention program, field sessions were part of his program and he completed all of the stages of the rehab without any problems.

Anh is able to train normally with his team but he is not ready to play an official game yet. He needs to play football without too much contacts at the moment. He must train normally at least around 1 month with his team before playing at an official tournament like U21 to avoid re-injury risk and regain totally his confidence and his performance.

Then PVF started a progressive strength program to increase his quadriceps, hamstrings, abs, calves, we also improved his body balance.

At the same time, PVF started a progressive cardio-training program in order that he could return to training on the best conditions. He is ready to sprint, pass and shoot and jump without pain or discomfort.
Anh has a program he must follow before returning to full training if he wants to avoid re-injury.

  • News, video: Thu Huong/PVF

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