PVF liaises with Japan’s Gamba Osaka Club

Ngày cập nhật23/12/2016

The Promotion Fund for Vietnamese Football Talent- PVF as part of Vingroup, Vietnamese conglomerate, inked a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Gamba Osaka, Japan’s top-notch football club. Like the earlier deal with South Korea’s Busan I’Park, the event affirmed PVF’s top standing in training young players in Vietnam.

With goals of training and providing for Vietnam football players with outstanding skills, modern techniques and good physical strength, PVF does not set up a professional football team but focuses on the training sector. The comprehensive cooperation agreement between Gamba Osaka and PVF aims to improve professional skills, develop potentials and help elevate Vietnam football’s standing.

Specifically, Gamba Osaka will send Coach Machinaka, a veteran coach in training young players to PVF, where he will undertake the task of player coaching for two years. The two sides will also organize training and competing tours to allow their coaches and students to exchange experience at the other’s facilities. A number of PVF’s outstanding players will be sent to Gamba Osaka’s youth teams for training in the future. Among them, qualified trainees will have opportunities to compete on Gamba Osaka’s First Division team. Gamba Osaka, which is Japan’s top-notch professional team, was named champion of AFC Champions League in 2008; and champion twice and runner-up twice of the J-league 1. Apart from continuously topping the J-League 1 and securing a firm standing in the Asian football arena, Gamba Osaka’s other strengths lie in friendlies, training and coaching experience exchange.

PVF is the first-ever foreign partner selected by Gamba Osaka to ink the official cooperation agreement with.

Speaking about cooperation prospects between the two sides, Mr. Uenoyama, Board of Directors member and director of Gamba Osaka Club’s training academy said: “By sending Coach Machinaka to PVF, we are not introducing Japanese football methods but also aspire to scout for exceptional players who will join Gamba Osaka in the future.”

On the Vietnam side, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Nam, CEO of the Promotion Fund for Vietnamese Football Talent- PVF, shared: “The partnership agreement between PVF and Gamba Osaka is a practical act, which is indicative of our commitment to students regarding training quality. In the time to come, PVF will step up international cooperation, develop coaching and build playing styles suitable for Vietnamese people’s physiques, physical strength to maximize three elements: “Techniques- Diversity- Efficiency.”

Gamba Osaka is the second international football team after South Korea’s professional Busan I’Park Club to reach a comprehensive cooperation agreement with PVF. The pact is part of PVF’s partnership programs with countries with thriving football to improve the quality of youth training.

PVF currently trains 175 hand-picked students in HCMC. The first well- qualified cohort (aged 17 and 18), who have recently graduated, are eligible for 2016 V-League clubs. Professional teams nationwide can contact PVF to pick PVF graduates. As can be seen, with its endless efforts to expand international partnership and make in-depth professional investment, PVF has continued to affirm its standing as Vietnam’s currently leading football training center.

PVF recruits Cohort 8

From March 10 to May 22, 2016, PVF will conduct its 8th cohort recruitment in 50 cities and provinces nationwide, starting with Vinh Long. The qualifier quota is 120 students. After a two-month training and elimination process, 50 best students will sign a 10-year professional training contract with PVF in early August 2016. The selected students will receive intensive training directly by coaches who are former players of Vietnam football “golden generation” and football experts in HCMC. Students will also be entitled to academic studies at public schools and be managed in a disciplined, culturally ethical environment which nourishes their sense of national pride.

To join the qualifier, hopefuls’ parents can register directly at local selection sessions. The recruitment schedules and venues are posted and updated on the website www.pvf.com.vn and facebook www.facebook.com/quybongdapvf

Information for reference:
Founded by Thien Tam (Hearts of Gold) Fund- Vingroup Corp. in 2008, PVF is a non-profit organization which aims to invest in and assist teenage football talents nationwide in growing into professional footballers who possess great aptitude, good conduct, academic performance and can meet international criteria. After seven years in operation, PVF has continuously made remarkable achievements at domestic and international youth tournaments, securing its leading foothold in the Vietnam youth football training sector.

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