PVF qualified for V-league 3 in 2020

Ngày cập nhật21/11/2019

The 02 Group A last matches of the V-league 4 has occurred on 21/11 afternoon, these were between Luxury and PVF; Viettel and Tuấn Tú Phú Thọ.

Viettel had a 1-2 loss against Tuấn Tú Phú Thọ while PVF had a 0 – 0 draw against Luxury Hạ Long

hang Ba

PVF is officially promoted to V-league 3 in 2020.

With this result, PVF accumulated 08 points, Tuấn Tú Phú Thọ also had 08 points. PVF ranked first thank to a better goal difference. Tuan Tu Phu Tho ranked second. Young Viettel ranked third with 06 points. Luxury Ha Long ranked fourth with 05 points. Dao Ha Vĩnh Phúc stayed in the last place with 04 losses.
Therefore, PVF and Tuấn Tú Phú Thọ will be the 02 teams from Group A who qualify for V-league 3 in 2020.

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