PVF staff and students bring Tet to the poor

Ngày cập nhật15/01/2020

On the occasion of the 2020 Lunar New Year, following the gifting program for the poor and disadvantaged people all over the country, PVF staff enthusiastically joined hands by giving out both physical items and sympathy in order to bring the warm spring atmosphere to the poor.


Participating in the gifting program for the poor in Tet has become a tradition of PVF. This is a way for PVF students to be educated about sharing in living and being responsible with the society.


The charitable program giving away 1000 Tet gifts to poor households in disadvantaged communes and districts of Hung Yen province, participated by PVF staff and students, ended the year of 2019 with sharing, sympathy and full of emotions from the participants when witnessing poor families, lonely old people, orphans came to receive gifts.


Coach Dinh The Nam participated in the Tet gifting program with Vingroup’s staff in Dien Bien in January 6th.


After just a few days of launching, PVF’s Human Resources and Training Department received nearly VND 90 million from the beautiful heart of PVF’s staff for the poor and disadvantaged people to have a complete Tet.


Coach Nguyen Quoc Trung ( third person from right to left) in the trip of gifting to the poor organized by the Kind Heart Foundation, Vingroup corporation.


PVF staff participated in the gifting program in Dien Bien in January 6th.


The delegation including PVF staff and students participated in gifting to people with difficulties in Tien Lu district, Hung Yen.

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