PVF Year End Buffet Party

Ngày cập nhật16/01/2020

In January 15, PVF players, coaches and staff had a buffet party & music performance together.

This is an event to engage the players, coaches and staff. It is also the year end party for all PVF players.


At PVF, players are always cared from their training to their daily lives.


This has always been the difference between PVF and other academies which makes the parents assured.


Besides training with Vietnamese and international coaches, PVF players are always given chances to explore spiritual experiences.



This will help players to gain their social skill to prepare for their professional career.


The party helped players and coaches to understand each other and to feel more love with PVF.


At the party, all players and coaches joined a funny karaoke session.


This definitely a beautiful memory for players to share with their family in the New Year 2020.

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