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The firsts main weeks of Do Duy Manh at PVF Physiotherapy Department

Ngày cập nhật18/01/2024

In the PVF Physiotherapist department, Đỗ Duy Mạnh continues his convalescence after ACL reconstruction surgery.

In its first phase we started typical exercises and light activities including regular knee icing and compression, basic quadriceps activation exercises and gentle amplitude exercises to improve knee extension (straightening) and flexion (flexion).

We removed crutches when Manh gait was totally correct (gait re-education drills). Then, he has started a protocol of muscle strength, balance, and basic coordination.

We use easy body weight type exercises and progresses into a gym-based regime with a mixture of resistance, balance, and coordination exercises (lunges, squats, bridging, calf raises, hip abduction strengthening, core exercises, balance).

It’s important for physiotherapist and player to ‘listen to the knee’ during this phase and only progress as quickly as the knee will allow.

Increase in pain and/or swelling are the two main symptoms that indicate that the knee is not able to tolerate the workload. Beside he has started also a non-impact aerobic training such as cycling, swimming, and walking.

Day after day, Manh continues to improve.

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