The PVF U15 successfully defends their National U15 championship trophy in 2013

Ngày cập nhật03/07/2013

The final of the 2013 National U15 Tournament ran from June 24 to July 2, 2013 at Thong Nhat Stadium. This year’s tourney attracted eight teams, divided into two groups. Group A includes representatives from PVF, Daklak, Viettel, An Giang, while Group B features Son Tay, Hanoi, HCMC and Dong Thap teams.

After three gos at the qualifying round, the PVF U15 topped Group A with two wins and one draw (beating the U15 Daklak 6 – 0, crushing the U15 An Giang 8 – 0 and pulling a 0 – 0 draw with the U15 Viettel.) Competing against the Dong Thap U15, the PVF U15 had immense difficulty finding their way to the opponent’s net as the Dong Thap U15 kept clustering on their home ground. At the end of the two official halves, the two teams had a scoreless draw and took on the tense penalty shootouts. Thanks to their sobriety displayed on the 11m spot, The PVF U15 won the match 6 – 5. They met the Viettel U15 again in the final. As the two teams had understood each other too well, the match started off with great caution, with few dangerous opportunites created during the first half. In the second half, the PVF 15 suddenly sped up. The twisting turn came at the 54th minute when forward Vu Tin sprang up and headed the ball precisely into the net, scoring the first goal for the PVF U15. During the remaining time, the match went on tensely as the Viettel U15 kept launching attacks for a draw score, but failed to penetrate the PVF U15’s defensive line. With the final 1 – 0 win against their destiny archrival Viettel, Coach Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Chuong and his students successfully defended the crown their predecessors had won.

Their jubilation multiplied as Nguyen Vu Tin was named the final’s Best Player, while goalie Phan Van Bieu nabbed the final’s Best Goalkeeper prize.





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