The student recruitment procedures at PVF football center

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The Promotion Fund for Vietnamese Football Talent- PVF introduces their student recruitment procedures with specific notices so that interested boys and their parents can keep themselves updated on.

Since 2009 until now, from March to May every year, PVF conducts recruitment campaigns in 50 cities and provinces (60 spots) and 50 scout facilities and children tournaments nationwide. PVF has so far enlisted eight cohorts who are trained at PVF.

Contenders enrolling at the recruitment are required to take such tests as a 30m sprint, in-site long spring, passing the ball with favorite leg, person versus person competition and height measurement. The recruitment scores are in the 100-point scale, with the maximum for a 30m sprint and on-the-spot long spring being 20. Contestants are asked to pass five balls with favorite leg into the goal, with each precise pass earning one point. The maximum for physique is 15 points, while the person-to-person competition is 40 out of 100 points.

After a three-month recruitment, each year PVF gathers approximately 150 contenders at PVF Training Center, where the boys will receive training in another two months before they take another series of tests. PVF will pick the excellent ones for official training from the contenders in early August each year.

The Promotion Fund for Vietnamese Football Talent- PVF introduces their student recruitment procedures with specific notices so that interested boys and their parents can keep themselves updated on.

– Candidates must be within PVF’s recruitment age limit, are currently living and pursuing academic studies in Vietnam.
– Must have good physical health, not contract chronic, fatal illness or suffer vision/eye defects
– Must be passionate about and talented in football
– Must be proficient in football playing and excel in PVF’s rigorous tests during the recruitment time and earn the consensus from the PVF Coaching Panel to become an official trainee at PVF

2. Recruitment procedures

– The recruitment crew travel to the recruitment spots across the country. Candidates receive registration forms and fill in their personal information into the forms (candidates do not have to bring personal identification papers at this time). (The recruitment lasts more than two months, from mid March to mid May every year).
– Candidates will take compulsory tests, including a 30m high-impetus sprint, on-the-spot spring, competing, passing the ball with favorite leg and height measurement.

– Coaches grade the candidates’ performance, make a list of the candidates who pass preliminary requirements and submit the list to the PVF Office
– the PVF Office give phone notice, send invitations and give instructions on how to carry out necessary procedures so that selected candidates’ family get ready and take the boys to the Center (in early May).
– Papers include:
• The original version of the Residence Registration Book and Birth Certificate so that PVF officers can collate and affirm the candidates’ age (PVF will return the papers to the parents after the collation process is complete.)
• Candidates’ Certified copies of birth certificate (based on the original version): 5 copies
• Certified copies of the Residence Registration Book: 5 copies
• Certified copies of identity cards of candidates’ father and mother: 5 copies
• Player’s curriculum vitae: 1 copy, with an affixed seal on the photo
• Information on the player: 1 copy

PVF will send instructions on how to prepare the dossier along with the invitation to the candidates’ family

 Admission of preliminarily selected candidates: as the family take their sons to the center, the officers will look through necessary, relevant paper and arrange accommodation, and provide the candidates with guidance on the rules and regulations they must comply with during their stay at the center.
– Coaching preliminarily selected students at the center: Divide the preliminarily selected students into different age groups, provide them with training on basic football techniques and hold competitions and tests to assess their level (from mid May to early August)

– Eliminate the preliminarily selected students who fail to come up to expected requirements: The PVF paneling council convene to eliminate the preliminarily selected students who practice at the center for two weeks and above (from early June to early August)
– Decide on the list of selected students: The PVF paneling council convene and reach a consensus on the the list of selected students in each age group before submitting the list to the leader for approval (in mid August)
– Medical tests: Medical staff conduct necessary Medical tests to assess the health condition of each selected student (in mid August)
– Admit official new students: Officers will notify the family of official new students (by phone) and they will also show parents how to transfer the students’ school records for admission procedures) (in late August).

Contact PVF at:
Floor 20A, Vincom Center Building
Đồng Khởi Street, 72 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1, HCMC
Tel: (08) 3827 5501 * fax: (08) 3827 5502

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