The successful recruitment season of PVF

Ngày cập nhật27/07/2017

PVF’s 2017 recruitment season has witnessed a significant increase in the quantity and quality of candidates. Over 51 provinces with 64 recruitment places, in 73 days PVF has recruited 256 students passed the preliminary round of 10141 candidates.


Compared with 2016, the number of candidates who passed the prequalification increased by 120 in 2015 and reached 213.33% compared to the initial recruitment target.

In 2017, PVF has many new features in the recruitment process, especially PVF actively enhance interaction with parents, students through lively Fanpage and beautiful website. This change was immediately well supports by the fans.

The video about student life at PVF on March 1977 now has more than 180,000 approaches, over 63,000 views and over 6,500 viewers expressing feelings and sharing. The live stream video to response of teachers and students of PVF right after that has more than 10,000 views, more than 300 expressions of emotions and sharing. The live stream videos at the recruitment places always have from 3,000 to 7,000 views and many positive comments.

Information at each recruitment place is often updated with not only numbers but also lots of interesting stories. Some newspapers, websites such as,,, some local newspapers interested in also reports.

Especially, the story about PVF’s exception for Trung Kiên, who was born in Dong Nai in 2005, at 10h41 on 8th May, has nearly 29,000 views, more than 2000 likes and over 100 shares and many positive comments. This is unprecedented thing during the past 8 seasons of PVF recruitment .

Or it is the story about Nguyen Chí Vỹ, a student whose father died at a young age, from the highlands of Khanh Son district, Khanh Hoa province with passionate desire to pass PVF to help himself and his mother less miserable.

There are many cases such as 6 children with their families from Dak Lak and Dak Nong, because PVF has no recruitment place, they have exceeded the distance of nearly 300km to go to Cam Ranh City to apply. The story of two brothers Quốc Kiên – Quốc Trung follow their football passion. Despite that, the older brother was not allowed to pursue football by their parents.

The story of two girls asking for a try in Bac Giang, the 5-year-old boy on their stadium in Thach That, Hanoi, etc., participated in the PVF with from 10,000 to nearly 40,000 approaches.

Along with active contact with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Sports Training and Competition Center, Sports Culture Center, Department of Education and Training, Education Training Committee Division as well as others has helped PVF’s recruitment information widen.

According to the plan, after two months of activity and practice at the PVF Center, the coaches will choose 50 official trainees who have the best ability in all aspects to train about culture and expertise in 10 years in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

We sincerely thank all the collectives and individuals who have enthusiastically supported and assisted PVF during the past time. In particular, PVF would like to thank the trust, companions and support from parents and students all over the country, which contributed to the success of PVF’s recruitment season 2017.

From newly selected students, PVF will help the football talents to be developed and confirmed themselves not only in Vietnam but also in all over the world.

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