The third PVF National U17 Championship

Ngày cập nhật16/07/2017

This is a difficult match for U17 PVF. The first half finishes with 2 goals. It was thought that U17 PVF will have an easy match in the second half but Huỳnh Sang committed a foul in 65th minute, which made him receive a red card. Therefore, U17 PVF had a hard match in the last minutes.


The confrontation between U17 PVF and U17 Viettel in the final round of U17 National Championship 2017 is widely regarded by fans and professionals in the country. This is not only a final but it is also the confrontation between the two leading young teams of the two regions in Vietnam.

At the 3rd minute, PVF took the lead from the goal made by Công Đến after taking full advantage of the mistakes of the Viettel defense team. This goal gave the team more confidence to counter-attack the opposing team. Although Viettel could get a good strike in the later period, their defense did not dare to coming nearer to the PVF’s goal due to the fast counter-attack of PVF.

At the 42nd minute, the gap was doubled for PVF after Văn Đô’s beautiful free kick kicked the ball into the corner of Viettel lead to the score 2-0 for the PVF team.

In the second half, Viettel put Nguyễn Hữu Thắng on the ground and pushed the team with the thought “sink or swim.” Meanwhile, PVF had the advantage of the match but suddenly Huỳnh Sang received the red card at the 58th minute and PVF had to play lack of members. This situation made Viettel team has more opportunities to set up a one-way match against PVF. However, their attacks were often prevented by opponent’s defenses.

At the 85th minute, after a lot of effort, Viettel players shortened the score 1-2 after Thanh Bình head the ball, which made the last minute extremely stressful.

However, the U17 PVF’s effort to keep the score was successful until the match finished.

Professional results:
Championship Team: PVF
Second place: Viettel
Third place: HCMC and HAGL
Scorer: Huỳnh Tiến Đạt (HAGL) and Nhâm Mạnh Dũng (Viettel) – 7 goals
Best Goalkeeper: Trương Thái Hiếu (PVF)
Best player: Nhâm Mạnh Dũng (Viettel)
Style prize: HCMC

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