Vietnam pillar Duy Manh joins in wounded troop in PVF

Ngày cập nhật21/05/2019

Vietnam center-back Do Duy Manh just got injured and joined other national players in PVF.

Ahead of King’s Cup 2019, Duy Manh is injured seriously and has been sent to PVF training academy for intensive treatment.

duy manh 1

Duy Manh reunited with a series of players and other national players such as Pham Hoang Lam, Vo Huy Toan, Dang Van Toi, Luc Xuan Hung. The midfielder of the Hanoi and Vietnam club has suffered a tarsus fracture, bone marrow edema and osteoporosis.

It is a huge loss for Vietnam side since Do Duy Manh’s serious injury is difficult to be fully recovered ahead of King’s Cup 2019.

French doctor Adrien Diouf reveals PVF has enough modern technology and facilities to help players recover from injury. That is the reason why many players choose PVF for their treatment process.

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