PVF to train football profession for grassroots cultural and sports official in Ha Tinh

Ngày cập nhật24/09/2019

In 5 days ( September 24th – September 28th), PVF Football Academy, in coordination with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ha Tinh, continued to organize a professional football coaching course for grassroots cultural and sports officials in the whole province.




78 officials in charge of the Culture and Sports activities of 13 districts, towns, cities in the whole province participated in the professional football coaching course. In particular, each district, town and city sent learners who are responsible officials, sports collaborators coaching grassroots football in local facilities.


During these 5 days, learners have been equipped with coaching skill, technique, organizational methodology of grassroots football teaching. This is an opportunity for officials working on grassroots sports to improve their knowledge, skills as well as connecting, learning and exchanging professional experiences.


After the theoretical part, learners were directly instructed and demonstrated with practicing football coaching skills by PVF experts, which includes exercises of physical training, warm-up, juggling, receiving and dribbling, passing in group and oppositions, etc. (Picture: Coach Pascal Vaudequin – PVF Project Director and experts from PVF are directly instructing practical football coaching exercises)


The grassroots professional football coaching course for officials specializing in Culture and Sports of the province is to encourage the development of grassroots football, to establish a source providing young footballer for Ha Tinh ( Picture: Learners are excited about the opposition exercise)
According to PVF Project Director – Pascal Vaudequin: This training will be an opportunity for local sports officials to gain basic knowledge about primary selection, coaching and teaching for grassroots football. In the upcoming time, PVF will continue to provide sponsorship programs, helping Ha Tinh organize advanced training for grassroots football coaches in order to equip basic knowledge about the selection, coaching young footballer and instructing the football training and competing in local facilities.

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