2020 PVF Recruitment Cup

Ngày cập nhật09/07/2020

Starting from May, 2020 PVF Recruitment Cup continues to become a place for young players to fulfill their football dreams and become a world-class professional football player.


On June 7, after many rounds of selection, 60 excellent candidates from 28 community football centers entered the third round of 2020 PVF Recruitment Cup.

The 3rd round had the participation of a special young player, Pham Tuan Hung from Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province.


After an accident, Pham Tuan Hung lost his legs. However, with the energy and love of his mother, teachers and friends, Tuan Hung overcomes inferiority complex about body deficiencies to integrate with normal life.


Hung is not only a good student, but also has a strong passion for the ball. Admiring the courage, PVF invited Tuan Hung to attend and interact with PVF contestants and players in the 3rd round of the recruitment on June 7.

Tuan Hung’s energy inspired the contestants to perform well on the field. A lot of goals and beautiful balls were shown in the game.

After this round, the wheels of the PVF Recruitment team rolled to Ha Tinh (June 13 and 14), Da Nang & Dong Thap (June 20 & 21) and Phú Yên, Hưng Yên (June 27 and 28) to look for for football talents all over the country.


We have recorded many good stories andbeautiful dreams of young players.


Candidates receive certificates and gifts from PVF Recruitment team in Ha Tinh.


For example, Tran Son Nguyen (born in 2009, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An Province) has had 03 years of training and playing football. A boy from the countryside of Do Luong district, Nghe An was brought by his mother to the recruitment of PVF in Ha Tinh on June 13.


His mother said last year Son Nguyen was chosen by Hanoi’s youth training center, T&T VSH branch in Cua Lo town and he also passed the qualifier round of Song Lam Nghe An Club.

She added: “But at that time, we worried that he was too young and we were not assured. We recommended that he would wait for one more year and then enroll it, it’s not too late”. Born in 2009, Son Nguyen is currently 153 cm tall. At the goalkeeper exams on the morning of June 13, he was quite confident.

Son Nguyen’s mother said that her family regularly follow the Facebook page of PVF Academy. She found that players here had a lot of cultural activities. Beside, PVF has a good team of experts and facilities. This morning, there’s a local tournament but she still asked him to take a break to come here so that the PVF coach could see his ability. “If he’s qualified, I still believe in sending my boy to PVF.” – she said.

Many parents travelled hundreds of kilometers to our recruitment place. Many of them are ethnic minorities, close to the border, where the phone signal is still fluttering but the dream of playing football and the desire to become a professional player are always burning.


Nguyen Tan Trung traveled by bus over 50km to take part in the second round of recruitment in Dong Thap. Trung and his friend had to go from 5 a.m. to be on time for the recruitment..

In 2020, PVF is looking for young male players who are passionate in soccer and born in 2009 nationwide. After the recruitment, PVF will select up to 30 player to train them to become professional players with international competition standards.

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