An Amazing Experience at PVF Academy

Ngày cập nhật08/05/2018

From April 27th to April 30th, The International Soccer Camp of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ISCKL) had a training program for students under 8 -12 at PVF Academy.

During 4 days, ISCKL students has experienced many beneficial and interesting activities. On the first day, the kids started with a few basic gym sessions under the instructions of Tom Ryan, Head Coach of Sport and Science Department. They also get to play football in the 360S and cool down in the contrasting swimming pool. On the second day, after getting used to the weather and schedule, students had an intensive training session with PVF Coaches, in order to prepare for the friendly match with U12A PVF.

Early morning on the third day, the match took place with an exciting atmosphere and both teams had very high spirits. Although ISCKL team was beaten by PVF – the home team, the kids were still very positive and looked forward to returning to PVF in a near future. In the afternoon, coaches, parents and students had a quick tour to explore Hanoi and the Old Quarter with 36 ancient streets.

Figure: Students from ISCKL, Malaysia exploring Temple of Literature, Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam (Hanoi)

On the last day, PVF Management had a Ceremony to give the students Certificates and Awards, as well as summarized the beneficial lessons and exciting experiences at PVF.

Parents and coaches of The International Soccer Camp of Kuala Lumpur, were impressed with the facilities, the professional training as well as the quality of the training provided by PVF Academy. The students were impressed with the professionalism of the U12A players, as well as the modern facilities at PVF Academy. The experience at PVF has greatly improved their technical knowledge and skillset in professional football training.

Figure: Coach Sheldon Xavier and Coach Arber Krasniqi discuss with ISCKL players before the friendly match

Coach Sheldon Xavier and Coach Arber Krasniqi has some feedback: “The PVF tour for the ISCKL kids coaches and parents has been an amazing and eye opening experience. We were impressed with the entire state of the art facilities, the accommodation, the food and the scheduling of the various training regimes which the kids had gone through during the 4 day stay. It gave the kids and coaches an idea of the challenges and discipline that players will have to go through their performance standards in order to make it to the top. We were impressed and grateful with the PVF coaches for the on and off pitch planning and looking after the kids under their care during the time. We learned very much that discipline and the right attitude is paramount in order to build character and we’ve seen this from all the other kids at the PVF academy. Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to convey our thanks to all the coaches and staffs for allowing us to sample what a proper professional academy is all about. We would definitely return and plans are in the making for another tour in November this year.”
• News, pictures: PVF

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