Big changes with PVF’s player

Ngày cập nhật14/08/2019

From school year 2019 – 2020, PVF players will be strengthened with life skills education and advanced programs to improve their social understanding.

Accordingly, PVF’s students, who study at secondary school, will study 2 sessions (morning + afternoon)/ day instead of 01 sessions (morning) / day as before. Students wake up from 5:30 PM at PVF, have breakfast and take a bus to Vinschool the Harmony, Long Bien District, Hanoi. In the afternoon after returning to PVF, students will start training from 16h00 or 16h30.

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PVF’s students participate in motive game on the opening day (photo: Vinschool)

The number of lessons for Secondary students inscrease from 25 to 36 lessons / week. Increasing the number of sessions as well as the number of lessons aims to enhance the life skills classes, teaching as the subject series for students to have additional skills, communication skills to serve life better.67866474 1239677746211575 3860778915924541440 o

Staying at school more hours creates opportunities for PVF players to enhance knowledge and skills (photo: Vinschool)

For high school students, they still study one session / day and start training in the afternoon from 13:30. Instead of being tutored with Vinschol teacher at the Academy as last school year, all PVF students will study at Vinschool the Harmony. The intension of this change is to help students have a more comprehensive learning environment and more disciplines, at the same time to help them have more learning spirit and participate in school’s activities.

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