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More than 10 thousand candidates, PVF selected only the best 50 students for professional training. But even in PVF, the challenging journey of the new players just started. Because they are not only learning football, they are also trained in culture, living skills and learn to be human.

Discipline is strength

Having passed the rigorous tests to become a full time PVF student, the very first challenge for 10 to 11 year olds is to miss home and live an independent life from a young age. “I still remember in the first few seasons, the students were crying like rain. Some parents go back halfway to return because of crying too “- Coach Hua Hien Vinh recalled. Some had to leave PVF when they were not able to overcome these tough time.

Very quickly, new practitioners will have to overcome their homesickness and become familiar with the rules. All must get up at 5:30 am on any summer or winter day to prepare for breakfast, before school at 6am. In particular, PVF’s academic culture is equally important to the professional standard when the players must meet the Ielts 5.0 output. Hard training environment and rigorous standards of the “integration” time is not a small challenge for the young players in the process of maturing.

Eat right food, eat all the food was taken on the tray, not to waste, do not scrape food on the floor, sleep on time, fold neatly blankets, hang up, only use the phone at the time allowed. … are regulations that oblige young players to obey. There are cases where students are good at playing football but still rejected because of their disobeying.

“I learned that to be professional, technical skill is not enough. After the sadness to leave the Center, we remind each other to be good both on the field and in real life“- Ly Trung Hieu, U17 PVF said.

Discipline but educated discipline is common at this leading modern Asian Academy of Football. It is possible to take the case of Nick Dawes, GPF physiotherapist who has been treating Team 1 at Cardiff City Football Club from 2015 to 2017.

The player who works with Nick Dawes in just one minute late will receive penalties such as walking 10 rounds of the court, putting on exercises, pushing, jumping. However, Nick did not force them to practice alone, but he also trained with the players, to correct the training methods properly and safely. That makes the penalty penalty without getting down.

In PVF no star …

Although it is one of the leading “youngster training stars” for Vietnamese football, but at PVF there is no star player concept, anyone can be eliminated without effort. From 2017, each year PVF trainees will undergo two sessions of training results in November and April. This is an important test, which determines the screening of participants with little or no progress. slow progress compared with peers. .

There are cases where the students are very good but not trying in the training process, not enough professional will also be eliminated. In contrast, the young players from the low starting point, but the teacher at PVF encourages, do not surrender in front of difficulties, training efforts can completely pass the test rigorous from the expert.

To stay with PVF and have the opportunity to become a true football star, the players must prove their excellence, bravery, perseverance and aspiration to rise strongly.

“Into PVF is great fun but also when I almost collapsed, thinking about football vacation. That is the period 2014 – 2015 we are weak in the profession, less attended and risk being eliminated. After a few months of practicing the team, Master Viet Thang asked me to stay for 30 minutes. Sunday morning when you get a break, I was tutored by teachers. Sometimes I cried on the yard. “- Le Van Diep, UF trainee PV21 recounted the process of hard training, sometimes even want to give up.

The result of the efforts of both PVF teachers and pupils is the remarkable progress of Diep. Coach Manh Cuong create conditions for Diep to play more. After a year, Diep attended the U19 QG and the same team in 2015, then the young team PVF reached the final round. Early in 2017, Diep was loaned to the club for first-class football and the main kick 10/12, the team won silver HC.

Thanks to the modern and well-trained curriculums, PVF practitioners are guaranteed the physical, professional and moral qualities and become the young talented players of football. Vietnam. 15 times in the last seven years (2010 – 2017); Major contributors to Vietnam’s U20 World Cup finals are the best evidence for quality

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