Learn with coach Dang Phuong Nam

Ngày cập nhật04/11/2020

On 9th, 23rd October and 3rd November, PVF players had opportunity to listen and learn from Mr. Dang Phuong Nam, former player of The Cong Club. He also had many years working in Viettel as a coach.

Currently, the former striker of Vietnamese National team works at BongdaTV channel, ThethaoTV as a commentator and a television host.

Dang Phuong Nam 1

With many years of football experience and profound experience of becoming a celebrity, Coach Dang Phuong Nam had sessions with players in the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 PVF class through the topic “Recognizing personal image, how to use social media “; “How to set a goal with the skills to accomplish it”; “Skills in interviewing”.

Dang Phuong Nam 2

The message in each lesson was given by coach Dang Phuong Nam, simple and easy to understand, with real examples of football life in the world and in Vietnam and from his observations with individual PVF players.

In addition to theory, PVF players also practice through specific situations created by coach Dang Phuong Nam to prepare themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills on the path to becoming a professional player in the future.

This is just one of many series of activities organized by the Education and Welfare Department to help the players have a clear direction for their future. In the future, players will continue to participate in school learning, English and soft skills.

Dang Phuong Nam 3

At PVF, players are always taken care of both physically and mentally in a scientific, modern and humanistic environment. The players are comprehensively learned about school subjects, English and soft skills to become players not only good at football, physical strength, outstanding health, but also discipline, morality that meets the rigorous standards of world professional football.

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