Nguyên Hoàng and the journey of effort in PVF

Ngày cập nhật20/04/2020

Like every child who loves football, the boy from Đồng Tháp went straight to the field after school, even he was just 8 years old.

His grandma at first was worried, but after a while, she knew where to find him, at the field playing football with friends.

Nguyên Hoàng used to get caught by the police by playing football in the middle of the highway. With an athletic body, Nguyên Hoàng were good at striker position as he was also quick and strong. At the age of 10, he was chosen to play for the talent football team of the city.

But only when PVF came to Cao Lãnh for recruitment, Nguyên Hoàng did decide to follow the career of a professional footballer. He was chosen by Coach Trịnh Tấn Thành at the qualification and then became a PVF 5th Gen in 2013.

With the guidance from many famous national players such as Võ Hoàng Bửu, Hứa Hiền Vinh, Nguyễn Việt Thắng, Lê Phước Tứ… Nguyên Hoàng has exposed his ability. He’s left-footed but can shoot by right foot pretty well. He’s a fan of Luiz Suarez (Uruguay) & Anh Đức (Việt Nam). Nguyên Hoàng said that he needs to improve himself much more to become a professional football player.

Nguyên Hoàng believes that the most important skill for a striker is to keep the ball, to play with his teammate and to finish quickly.
2016 was a successful year to Nguyên Hoàng. He was the runner-up of Vietnam U15 National Tournament with PVF U15. He also the only Vietnamese player to qualify to the final round of the Football Dream by Aspire Academy (Qatar).

In 2017, Nguyên Hoàng was with Vietnam U15 to won the SEA U15 Championship in Thailand. He also won the Vietnam U15 National Tournament with PVF U15. In 2018, he got the third place of Vietnam U17 National Tournament, champion of U17 Elite Gothia Cup. In 2019, he was the runner-up of Vietnam U17 National Tournament with PVF U17 and was the player to score the most goal in SEA U18 Championship.

Nguyên Hoàng won “best player” for the 2018 & 2019 Vietnam U17 National Tournament. He also played for Vietnam U15, U16, U18 and U19. Coach Park Hang Seo used to call him up for the preparation campaign of Vietnam U22 for 30th SEA Games in 2019.

With the desire to prove himself, sometimes young men also encounter obstacles, tripped by his fierce nature. Hope that Nguyên Hoàng will continue training hard and achieve success in the future.

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