Nutrition, training and amazing transformation

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One day, when PVF players were being educated about sport nutrition in the class, one question had been put continuously, which was: “How to build and improve the muscle mass?”

Let’s imagine gaining the muscle is like building the house. In order to make the house, we need main components which are the building materials, the workers and the design. So, the bricks are similarly to Protein, the worker is assumed as Energy intake, and finally, the design represents a workout plan.

Therefore, in order to have a perfect body, the players must implement a diet with rich energy and proper amount of protein, these need to be accompanied with a strict training program. This can be proved by the transformation of the world’s top players such as Christiano Ronaldo or Robert Lewandowski as we look back their past, this result is definitely not easy to gain.

Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo was told as a youngster that he was too skinny to succeed as a professional footballer. But a strict fitness regime and a diet that sees him consume 3,000 calories a day helped turn him into a powerhouse. “It’s not by coincidence. I do so much extra work outside of the pitch,” Ronaldo said.6

“When I was 12 years old most of the people told me ‘Cristiano you are a very talented player but you are too skinny’, so I didn’t stop spending time in the gym, and most importantly, I need to keep myself motivated”.


Robert Lewandowski
After Bayern won the Champions League, the social networking sites were full of pictures of “six-pack” players. In addition, some contrasting images between the past and the present have shown the figures of Bayern players were different from the past. Robert Lewandowski is one typical role model. In addition to training program and proper diet at the club, the wife of Lewandowski – a nutritionist has also helped this striker to gain muscle positively. He has limited all the sweets and has almost no alcohol consumption


In order to maintain such a body shape, like Ronaldo, this player has also applied the formula of “building the house”. His Instagram are filled with photos in the gym and nutritious meals.


Adebayo Akinfenwa
Another evidence is Adebayo Akinfenwa. A rich energy regime has helped him improve the body shape much better than his younger days. “Breakfast is Weetabix with honey,” he told the Daily Mail in 2015.
“At training there will be some kind of chicken. Our chef personally does chicken for me and that makes me very happy. “Then a shake in the afternoon. For dinner, again it’s probably chicken, potato and coleslaw. “My partner is half-Nigerian, half-Caribbean so it may be the curry goat, rice and potato. It’s the carbs I need to eat.3

Đoàn Văn Hậu
Since returning home, Hau has always been in the spotlight because of his muscular body and maturity compared to the first image in Netherlands. In addition to a strict and modern training regime, Van Hau has paid many attention on nutrition. This is a key to help him achieve the current figure.

Instead of just eating full, Van Hau had to learn to eat properly from Heerenveen’s doctor and nutritionist. His breakfast included bread with butter, eggs and fruit. Other players in the club also had to follow these rich energy diet. Along with his training program, his body has significantly improved.


The above role models are examples of the excellent transformation of famous players in the world and Vietnam. They shows that developing muscle is not an impossible task, but it all comes from hard training, not only in practice, but also strict diets. Finally, the determination of the players is the most important.

  •  Trâm Anh (Reference documents: Bongdaplus, Givemesport)

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