PVF celebrates the occasion of the Women’s Day

Ngày cập nhật09/03/2020

On the afternoon of March 6, PVF male staff celebrated the occasion of the Women’s Day 8/3.

In PVF in particular and on the scale of Vingroup corporation in general, women always play important roles, from housekeeping to key management positions. Their ingenuity and proficience are clearly shown and received the trust and respect from gentlemen.


In the cozy atmosphere of the part, PVF gentlement sent their sincere thanks and best wishes to all PVF ladies, they also sang beautiful songs which made female staff feel touched and pleased.



The song “My mother” was performed by nany Duy Lộc at the March 8 meeting for ladies.


Project Director Pascal Vaudequin on behalf of coaching staff expressed the best wishes to women.

Alternating with the campaigning game or testing the knowledge about Vingroup and PVF, the party helps unite teamwork and create excitement for everyone.

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