PVF crown champions in U17 National Cup 2020

Ngày cập nhật11/12/2020

Host PVF defeat Viettel 1-0 to claim the championship in the U17 National Cup in the afternoon of December 10th.

Trần Ngọc Sơn plays the heroic role for PVF to score the first and only goal of the match at the fifth minute. The center back, wearing number 27, moves intelligently to deceive Viettel backline and positions himself in a favorable spot to head in the corner kick taken by Võ Anh Quân, leaving no chance for Viettel goalkeeper Đoàn Huy Hoàng. Afterwards, Sơn is voted as Tournament MVP.

tran ngoc son ghi ban

Trần Ngọc Sơn celebrates after the scoring header to help PVF defeat Viettel 1-0 in the final match of U17 National Cup.

Viettel have won four matches, scored 8 times and not conceded any goals on the way to the final. Against the host though, the team managed by Coach Nguyễn Minh Tiến cannot sustain their impressive form, leaving the host to control the game and put on consistent pressure throughout the first half. After the first 45 minutes, Viettel only create one clear chance for goals. The ball eventually hits the bar, however.

PVF become the first champions of U17 National Cup.

Onto the second half, the situation grows increasingly frustrated for Viettel after a blatant push of Nguyễn Văn Tú against Nguyễn Thanh Nhàn in the penalty box resulting in a second yellow card and a penalty kick for PVF. Goalkeeper Huy Hoàng performs an excellent dive though, to stop the kick taken by Thanh Nhàn, helping his home team to count on some silver linings.

Nevertheless, with only 10 men, Viettel are unable to find an efficient attacking solution to approach PVF goalposts. The result is maintained until the final whistle. PVF claim first blood on the U17 National Cup, when the tournament is on its first edition.

Along with the runners-up prize, Viettel also claim the Best Goalkeeper for Đoàn Huy Hoàng, who only concedes a mere number of 1 goal during the entire championship.
Bronze medal goes to Hanoi after beating HAGL 5-3 on penalties after canceling out each other 3-3 in regular time. This victory does not only help Hanoi to win the medal, it also serves as payback for the defeat in the group stage.
Final team and individual results
Champions: PVF
Runners-up: Viettel
Third Place: Hanoi
Fair Play: Hallmen HCM
Best Goalscorer: Nguyễn Quốc Việt (Nutifood 9 – 9 goals)
Best Goalkeeper: Đoàn Huy Hoàng (Viettel 13)
MVP: Trần Ngọc Sơn (PVF 27)

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