PVF players excited to learn about the history of Vietnamese football

Ngày cập nhật23/10/2020

Football has long been recognized as a king of sport when it has a remarkable number of followers and practices compared to other sports around the world. However, even professional players might not when and how football appeared

On the evening of October 22, Education Department cooperated with Technical Director – Mr. Eric Abrams to organize a class to learn about football history and Vietnamese football.IMG 9284

During the class, the 2009 players had a chance to watch interesting videos about football, from the beginning to the modern time. They were all very excited to learn more about the origins of football. In addition, Technical Director – Mr. Eric Abrams was also dedicated to answer all the questions from the players about the world football situation so that they can have a better view of the football style as well as the thinking from foreign players.

At PVF, players are always taken care of both physically and mentally in a scientific, modern, and humanistic environment. They learn comprehensively about culture, English, and soft skills to become the players who are not only good at football skills, physical strength, outstanding fitness but also discipline, morality, and literature to meet the rigorous standards of professional football in the world.

  • News, photo: Thu Hà

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