PVF students experienced life values at Vườn Xoài (Mango Orchard) eco-tourism complex

Ngày cập nhật22/12/2016

On Sunday, September 14, 2014, PVF held an outing for their trainees after a tiring, stressful competing season. The bus departed at 6:30am at Thành Long Sports Center. The boys were treated to breakfast at Cơm Tấm Cali (Cali broken rice) restaurant before leaving behind the summertime stuffy, scorching cityscape and becoming one with the lush, fresh nature.

PVF students enjoy their delectable breakfast at Cơm Tấm Cali (Cali broken rice) restaurant.

The asphalt road winding to the entrance to Vuon Xoai Eco-tourism Complex/ Zone remains desolate with lush vegetation, arousing the boys’ curiosity and excitement though the trip from HCMC to the complex covered more than 30 kilometers. We all marvelled at the pristine landscape, and small roads shyly meandering along the lush palms, breathing in the fresh air and unwinding to the bird twitter, rustling leaves and babbling brooks which created a melodious, fairy tale-like concert.

PVF pose for a photo at the entrance to the Vườn Xoài eco-tourism complex/zone.

There the boys took part in Team Building games which helped forge bonds thanks to stimulating game shows hosted by zealous MCs. 176 trainees, divided into 10 teams, joined scores of wholesome, useful games with tempting prizes, such as Finding teammates- slogan call, Get started with music, Leveling out rough waves, Team spirit and Grass sliding and assembling logo. All the young players gave it their best shots in the rousing games.

After finishing the Team Building games, the young players had their lunch and took some rest before freely engaging in new, unique games in Vườn Xoài. They explored and marveled at the beauty Vườn Xoài is endowed with by different means such as walking, riding bikes or riding in electric cars. The youngsters also unwound in the refreshing swimming pool, which relieved their fatique and stress and gave a boost to their physical health.

Back in HCMC, the PVF students were treated to a lavish meal at Kichi Kichi Restaurant, a famous rotary hotpot restaurant. The excursion fueled in them more energy to get ready for a new week of studies and drilling ahead, and bolstered all members’ ties.

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