PVF won the 2020 National U15 Championship

Ngày cập nhật27/10/2020

Excellently winning 4-2 against SHB Da Nang U15 in the final, PVF U15 is the champion of the 2020 National U15 Championship – Next Media.

In the group stage, PVF U15 lost 2-3 against the opponent. However, the representative of the North still confidently deployed the attack, played sharper in the first minutes of the match. By the 33rd minute, the 1st score came for PVF U15 after the goalkeeper of SHB Da Nang U15 fouled to Nguyen Gia Bao (10) in the box. Nguyen Anh Tuan (9) easily defeated Dinh Ngoc Hoai Vu, giving PVF U15 a lead.


PVF U15 convincingly won the championship.

At the 37th minute, goalkeeper Nguyen Minh Kha accidentally brought the ball to Tran Quoc Dat (12) of SHB Da Nang U15. The player controlled the ball at the edge of the line and finished, sending the ball to hit the crossbar. After that, the two teams created a few chances, but the end products were poor. PVF U15 led 1-0 after the first half.

After the break, PVF U15 still played better. At the 49th minute, Anh Tuan tried to penetrate the ball into the box then released it for Gia Bao to finish, increasing the gap for red team.


U15 PVF (red) had an overwhelming victory over SHB Da Nang in the final.

With 2 goals ahead, SHB U15 rushed for opportunities with 40 minutes left. At the 58th minute, the goal came for the representative from the Central. From Nguyen Van Hai Quan’s bad finish (4), the ball popped out of the box and Nguyen Cao Tuan Anh (7) came across to put the ball into PVF U15’s net.

HUU 7903

Talented young players shined at the right time to help PVF U15 win.

SHB Da Nang U15’s goal made the game more interesting and just 1 minute later, PVF U15 re-established the 2-score gap after an attack from the right side. Anh Tuan easily hit his head on an empty goal to score his second goal in this match.

Later, SHB Da Nang U15 raised to shorten the score. This meant more gaps in their defense appeared, creating conditions for PVF U15 to repeatedly threaten the opponent’s goal. At the 71st minute, the referee refused a goal for PVF due to offside fault. But less than 1 minute after that, Thai Ba Dat (17) dribbled over 3 defenders of Da Nang and increased the score to 4-1 for PVF U15.

SHB Da Nang U15 did not give up and still made efforts after the fourth goal. At 77th minute, Huynh Trung Dat (11) caught a cross from the right winger Bui Nhat Anh (23), shortening the score to 2-4 for Da Nang.
In the remaining minutes, despite their efforts, the time was not enough for SHB Da Nang U15 to turn the table. The final ended with a 4-2 win for PVF U15. SHB Da Nang U15 accepted to finish in second place.


PVF’s striker Nguyen Anh Tuan won a double title: top scorer and best player in the tournament.

The titles of the 2020 National U15 Championship – Next Media:
• Champion: PVF U15
• Second place: SHB Da Nang U15
• Third place: SLNA U15 and Becamex Binh Duong U15
• Style award: Becamex Binh Duong U15
• Top scorer: Nguyen Anh Tuan (9, PVF U15)
• Best goalkeeper: Dinh Ngoc Hoai Vu (1, SHB Da Nang U15)
• Best player: Nguyen Anh Tuan (9, PVF U15)

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