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The chance of Đình Trọng to join SEA Games 30?

Ngày cập nhật18/01/2024

On 24/10/2019, Coach Park Hang Seo announced the list of players to prepare for SEA Games 30, in which the name of Đình Trọng was included.

For 3,5 months, he had been injured and then came to PVF to rehabilitate with Mr Choi Ju Young of PVF. About Đình Trọng, it is the final SEA Games that he can join.
Answered to reporters several days ago, he really wanted to be a part of National team U23 participating in SEA Games 30. He also said that everything, however, must depend on the decision of Mr Choi. Mr Choi Ju Young of PVF said that: Until now, Đình Trọng has felt better than before. However, he couldn’t say about the ability if Dinh Trong could play at SEA Games 30 or not as he has left from Mr Choi for more than one month. If he had taken all time with Đình Trọng, maybe it would have been possible. But, for now, Mr Choi needs to decide on Đình Trọng’s case after one or two weeks once he has enough time to check the patient carefully

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