The executive delegates of J-League clubs visit and work in PVF

From October 8 to October 10, 14 leaders from J-League clubs had a visit in PVF.

According to the schedule, the delegation visited the facilities at PVF. Both sides exchanged information about the history and development of PVF. The typical players of the Academy were introduced to the J-League officials.

At the meeting, PVF CEO Phan Thu Huong said: Recently, PVF’s management board had visited some football clubs in Japan to research about their development model. Japanese football and its development policy provided a lot of knowledge that PVF and Vietnamese football could inquire. PVF expected that after the visit of the J-League delegation, both sides will continue their support activities and cooperation, especially in the youth training.

During this trip, the delegation has visited the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi, met VFF and watched the training session of U22 National Team. In the evening of 10 October, the delegation has attended the match in the second round of the World Cup between Vietnam national team and the Malaysia national team.

Some pictures of J-League officials visiting and working at PVF:


PVF CEO Phan Thu Huong in a meeting with J-League officials in the afternoon of 9/10.


J-League delegation was quite impressed with the facilities at PVF. The delegation visits PVF Stadium on the morning of 10/10.


Visit the PVF trophy room.


Picture of the Japan delegation and the PVF officials.



Delegates visit the entertainment room and library.


Members of the delegation had the opportunity to experience 360s simulator at PVF.6

At PVF gym.



PVF’s swimming pool area also received a lot of attention and questions from the delegation.


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