Training match: Vietnam Women Team 0-3 U15 Men PVF

Ngày cập nhật12/03/2020

On the afternoon of 26th Feb, Vietnam Women Team had the first friendly match with U15 Men PVF at Youth Football Training Center. This is one of 3 matches to prepare for the play-off of the Olympic Tokyo 2020 Qualifier. Met a stronger opponent, the women team lost 0-3.

U15 Men PVF has good shape and strength equal to the Australia Women team. Hence, head coach Mai Duc Chung asked the players to focus on defending, avoid the attraction, and try to make the goal.



In the first half, with a good force, the defense of the Women team played well, however, they had not much chance to attack. The women team had a goal down after a mistake of Duong Thi Van.

In the second half, the situation of the match wasn’t changed. U15 Men PVF had 2 more goals.


Evaluated about the players, head coach Mai Duc Chung said that this match was a good chance for the team to practice and found the weakness.


According to the plan, on 27th Feb, Vietnam Women Team will have the second match against U15 Men Hanoi and another match with the former team on 29th Feb.


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