U15 PVF started strong with a victory at U15 Rotterdam Cup 2019

Ngày cập nhật20/04/2019

U15 PVF had their first win at U15 Rotterdam Cup 2019 against the opponent from Finland.

On 20/4, U15 officially started their run at U15 Rotterdam Cup 2019. The first opponent for Coach Moulay Azzeggouarh and the team is U15 Ilves FC (Finland).

Player who scored the only goal of the game for U15 PVF is Pham Van Phong. From a great set of attacking plays down the flank, Pham Van Phong scored with a bullet header from a beautiful cross by Nam.

This important win surely motivated the players to deliver top performance in the next games, especially against Atlético Madrid (Spain).

  • (Source: Phương Anh, Rotterdam, Netherlands)


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