A colorful Mid-Autumn Festival at PVF

Ngày cập nhật16/09/2019

A celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival was held at PVF in the evening of September 14th. 600 participants, including PVF & Phố Hiến FC staffs and their relatives, PVF Academy players, and students from Phật Tích Center (Bắc Ninh) took part in the event.

The festive spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival is spreading around the country. Everyone, especially the youngsters, is all eagerly waiting to enjoy the special Mid-Autumn treat under the full moon, among the scenes of red lanterns and moon cake, and enjoying Dragon dance performances or participating in exciting traditional games.

The 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at PVF was organized by PVF Football Academy and Phật Tích Center, in hope to bring a joyful and meaningful occasion for the youngsters and their loved ones.
Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion of gathering. Under the full moon light, more than 600 participants, including PVF & Phố Hiến FC staffs and their relatives, PVF Academy players and students from Phật Tích Center (Bắc Ninh), all united at PVF to partake in traditional games, engage in conversation, dine moon cakes and tea and admire the moon, and for the youngsters to have an enjoyable time.

In between are homemade musical performances from members from PVF and Phật Tích Center.
The celebration is a joyful and heart-warming occasion for all at PVF.
The following are some of the images from the event.



Youngsters and their loved ones get to participate in various Vietnamese traditional games.




Mid-Autumn treats tray by team “Làm để ăn”.



Coach Duy Đông and his children, with their decorated Mid-Autumn treats tray.


HLV Duy Đông cùng các con bên mâm cỗ trông trăng của đội mình.


Mid-Autumn treats tray decorated by the coaches.


The event begins with the exciting “I am a young player” performance by the PVF Academy players.


The Moon Lady (Hồng Vân) and the Moon Boy (Tùng Quân) guided the partakers through a meaningful event.


PVF CEO Phan Thu Hương delivers a speech at the event.


Partakers enjoying the buffet.


A graceful performance from youngsters of Phật Tích Center.


Coach Trịnh Tấn Thành captivates the audience with the song “Anh Ba Khía”.


PVF Academy players Nguyễn Đức Mạnh with an endearing self-composed musical performance titled “73 degrees of Love”.


PVF Academy players indulged in the performances.


Youngsters from Phật Tích Center eagerly participating in the quiz show.

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