Coach Troussier wants to find 60 U17 players for the future of Vietnamese football

Ngày cập nhật23/09/2020

Coach Philippe Troussier always comes to U17 National Championship matches to observe young players.

The 2020 U17 National Finals took place at PVF Football Academy. This is a good opportunity for coach Troussier and his colleagues to monitor and detect young factors. Speaking with the media before the match between HAGL- Thanh Hoa, the French strategist shares his assessment on the strength of the participating teams this year.

“It’s hard to say which the strongest team is. Each team has their own play style and each game is a surprise. In my opinion, PVF, SLNA, Nutifood and the winner of the match between Thanh Hoa-HAGL will be potential candidates for the champion this year”.

Coach Troussier is in charge of the U19 Team, but the category of U17 will be the future of Vietnamese football, so he has high expectations for this year’s tournament.

“My willing when calling U17 Vietnam team for gathering is to prepare for the next generation of U19. They will be the core of the tournaments in 2021 and 2022. Through this year’s tournament, I want to discover more players. Based on their quality and talent, I hope to be able to select 60 players. The first gathering will be in October and I will get to know them.”

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Coach Troussier observes the matches in the U17 national tournament 2020 (Photo: Thanh Nien)

After the Qualification Round, Coach Troussier gave an overview: “I have discovered players with good qualities. I have two objectives when attending this tournament: to discover and add more players for the U19 team next year, and strengthen the human resource of the next two-year cycle of the U19 team.”
Mr. Troussier said that although the international tournaments have been postponed, he is still working hard to organize friendly matches with international teams, and he is optimistic that the postponement would allow his team to have more time to prepare for the tournaments in the future.

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