Đình Trọng came to PVF for injury rehabilitation

Ngày cập nhật27/04/2020

On the evening of April 27, the center back of Hanoi FC and Vietnam football team came to PVF for injury rehabilitation.

dinhtrong3 Zing

Đình Trọng during the previous injury rehabilitation in July 2019 at PVF (Source: Zing.vn)

Đình Trọng has been in Singapore for surgery but during a recent re-examination, the doctor has asked him to not training heavy sessions, not playing at this time if he does not want the future to be affected.

Similar to Duy Mạnh, Đình Trọng has also undergone 2 examinations of Covid-19 and had a lock down period at Vinmec International Hospital before in order to ensure safety to PVF. Here, he will be supported by French physiotherapists.

During a match against HAGL club last June, Trần Đình Trọng, unfortunately, suffered a total rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament when he was caught in the grass and his knee crashed hard on the ground of Pleiku stadium. He then went to Singapore for surgery and was asked by the doctor to undergo treatment and rehabilitation for at least 9 months. However, due to the lack of good players in the defensive line coach Park-Hang seo had to call up Đình Trọng in the final stage of the AFC U-23 Championship 2020 in January this year. Afterward he reinjured his knee.

In March, Đình Trọng returned to Singapore and was re-examined by Assoc. Prof, Dr. Tijauw Tjoen Denny, one of leading expert in Singapore. He asked Trọng to strictly follow the doctor’s requirements and rehabilitate injury for at least 3 more months before he could practice again.

At PVF, Đình Trọng will reunite with Xuân Trường, Duy Mạnh, Huy Hùng, Hà Minh Tuấn,… they are also rehabilitating at the Academy.

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