Domestic youth championships records, PVF win 4 out of 8

Ngày cập nhật29/12/2020

ĐDefeating Viettel in the final match of U15 National Cup helps PVF settling on a successful season when conquering 4 out of 8 championships within Vietnam youth football system.

PVF vs Viettel U15 1 zing

The matchup between U15 Viettel and U15 PVF in the final of U15 National Cup on 28/12 marks the last official competition of Vietnam football season. It attracts the honorable attendance of VFF President Mr Lê Khánh Hải and Senior Vice-President Mr Trần Quốc Tuấn.

PVF vs Viettel U15 2 zing

Host PVF (blue) continue to play the leading role. They do not have too much difficulties in managing the midfield area and create more scoring opportunities.

PVF vs Viettel U15 3 zing

After repeating defeats under the hand of PVF, Viettel learn some lessons. They deliberately apply a strong defensive approach, preventing PVF from building up. U15 Viettel tactics is quite similar to the style of their first team.

PVF vs Viettel U15 4 zing

Thái Bá Đạt still plays an outstanding role for U15 PVF. He is eventually voted as Tournament MVP.

PVF vs Viettel U15 5 zing

The aggressive tactics helps Viettel to hold out their opponent in the first half.

PVF vs Viettel U15 6 zing

Viettel youth players do not hesitate to make tactical fouls, including a number of bad tackles and deliberate delays to kill match time.

PVF vs Viettel U15 7 zing

U15 PVF, evetually, find the net through Phạm Lê Triệu on the 87th minute.

PVF vs Viettel U15 8 zing

The goal nearly puts an end to U15 Viettel attempts on pulling the match into penalty shootouts.PVF vs Viettel U15 10 zing

After the goal, U15 Viettel are forced to attack. The last three minutes, plus five minutes of extra time is extremely tense. Players of both sides have a few physical engagements, along with different reactions against referee decisions.

PVF vs Viettel U15 11 zing

U15 PVF assistant coach must rush onto the pitch to intervene those hot-headed players. At full time, PVF maintain the final score of 1-0, winning the first edition of U15 National Cup.

PVF vs Viettel U15 12 zing

Along with the runners-up prize, Viettel claim the Best Goalscorer for Phạm Văn Mạnh with 6 goals. In addition to Mạnh, Hoàng Minh Tiến of U15 HAGL also shares the spoils with 6 times scoring.

The U15 National Cup is the fourth championship that PVF have won in 2020. Out of 8 youth tournaments, PVF claim 4 titles, including U15 Championship, U15 Cup, U17 Cup and U19 Championship. Earlier in December, it is deja vu when PVF defeat Viettel in the U17 Cup final match.

PVF vs Viettel U15 13 zing

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