Graduation ceremony at PVF Academy

Ngày cập nhật22/01/2019

The graduation ceremony for 1999-2000 students from PVF was held on 21 Jan, 2019 at PVF Academy.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Quy Phuong – CEO of PVF and Mr. Philippe Troussier – Technical Director of PVF were at the ceremony to reward eleven graduates with excellence performance.

 MG 3833

11 graduates with excellent results in 2018

The board of the academy also praised all the teams with impressive results in 2018, such as winning the international U17 Gothia Cup in China and ICC Cup in Singapore, finish second in the national U13 Cup and place third in the national U17 Cup 2018.

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Players from U13, U15, U17 PVF teams receive their awards 

Nine players graduated from the academy and proceeded to sign professional contracts are: Nguyen Duc Loi, Vo Van Huy, Nguyen Huynh Sang, Nguyen Ly Nam Cung, Nguyen Trong Long, Nguyen Khac Khiem, Uong Ngoc Tien, Huynh Huu Tuan, Truong Thai Hieu.

 MG 3897

Ms. Nguyen Thi Quy Phuong – CEO of PVF Academy, Mr. Philippe Troussier – Technical Director of PVF Academy award the degrees to 9 graduates.

All the players above will sign professional contracts with Pho Hien Football Club, which will enable them to pursue their football career at professional level. 

 MG 3954

Mr. Dinh Ngoc Lan, CEO of Pho Hien FC (front row, on the right), PVF officials cùng with 9 players who got promoted to play for Pho Hien FC.

Everyone at PVF academy wishes these players a happy and successful future and hoping that one day they can help our national team to compete in bigger stages.

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