Japanese Ambassador in Vietnam meets U16 PVF before the U16 Nara Tournament

Ngày cập nhật23/08/2019

On the evening of August 22, Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Kunio Umeda had a cordial meeting with PVF’s board of management and the entire PVF U16 team before heading to the U16 Nara Tournament from August 27 to February 2.

On behalf of the Japanese Government and the Japan Football Federation, the Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam made short speech of encouragement to PVF U16 team players preparing to go to Japan to attend the U16 friendly football tournament held in Nara Prefecture. Players will have friendly matches with 03 Japanese teams.

Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam (first row, fourth from right to left) and his wife photographed together with the management board and the PVF U16 team preparing to attend the Nara U16 Tournament held in Japan (from 27 / 08-02 September).
On this occasion, Ambassador Kunio Umeda reiterated the time when PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier led the national teams of Japan. During 4 years working in the land of Sunrise, Director of PVF led 3 Japanese teams to succeed such as Japan U20 won the second place in the World U20 Championship in 1999 and Sydney Olympic quarterfinals in 2000. The Japanese national team won the 2000 Asian Cup championship. The team also won the 2001 Confederation Cup. Moreover, the Japanese team ranked the 16 strongest teams in the 2002 World Cup held in Japan and Korea.

Ambassador Kunio Umeda spoke at the reception of PVF on the evening of August 22.

Ambassador Kunio Umeda believes that Vietnam is fortunate to have Philippe Troussier as technical director. He believes Vietnam has a great opportunity to participate in the Tokyo Olympics next year as well as the FIFA World Cup 2022 and 2026. He expects Vietnam to make history in the international arena. The ambassador believed that the coach Philippe Troussier’s position as Technical Director of PVF was a great opportunity for Japan and Vietnam to strengthen exchanges among young people of the two countries, especially in football.

PVF Technical director Philippe Troussier expressed his thanks to the Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam.

Thanks to the blessings of Japan in general and the Ambassador in particular for me, PVF Technical Director Philippe Troussier said that he was fortunate to inherit a generation of talented players of J-League, and many policies has helped Japanese football to develop next to the facilities that are interested, methodical, scientific investment, etc.
He said that what he did in Japan was only the first step to build up the foundation. This is similar when he comes to Vietnam. There are many potential players but not yet awakened. “The job I’m doing is awakening the potential in every young person” – Technical Director of PVF shared.

PVF General Director Phan Thu Huong presented the gift of a Vsmart smartphone to Ambassador Kunio Umeda in the evening of 22 August.

With the players of PVF and many young players from different training furnaces, PVF U16 can be considered as a miniature Vietnam U16. Technical director PVF expects the players will always play with a positive attitude and the pride of Vietnamese people, bring civilized behaviors when attending the U16 Nara Tournament.

More opportunities for PVF students and young players from other clubs and training facilities in Vietnam to compete with strong opponents from Japan.
Also at the reception, PVF’s General Director gave a couple of thanks and gave small gifts to the Ambassador.

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