Manchester United Legend Ryan Giggs visits Song Lam Nghe An FC

Ngày cập nhật10/05/2019

On 7 May, legendary Welsh footballer Ryan Giggs has visited Song Lam Nghe An Football Club.

Former Manchester United midfielder is currently the Director of PVF Academy.


Football legend Ryan Giggs and officials of SLNA FC at the meeting on 7/5.

CEO Nguyen Hong Thanh and former national football player Pham Van Quyen have welcomed Ryan Giggs to SLNA and showed gratitude and admiration to Manchester United legend.

Both sides have discussed about strategic agreements and Ryan Giggs also spent time meeting young players from SLNA.

“Football in Hanoi is still new to me. I am really happy to see that SLNA is the home of Vietnamese football, contributed many players to national team. For the development of Vietnamese football, we are happy to help, support and maintain a good relationship with SLNA” – Ryan Giggs.

Manchester United Legend also promised to continue supporting SLNA training and develelop football in a scientific approach, including supports in training infrastructures, and rehabilitation. Apart from Nghe An, Ha Tinh will be the next area to receive supports in football development.

After visiting Nghe An and SLNA FC, the next destination will be Ha Tinh, which is also on the “Football Development Map” that Ryan Giggs is building for the future.

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