Medical team of PVF joined Youth Science Conference on Rehabilitation

Ngày cập nhật22/04/2019

On April 6th, Head of PVF Medical Department has participated in the Youth Science Conference on Rehabilitation I held by Vietnam Rehabilitation Committee at University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City.

During the event, Doctor Renaud Guiu – Head of Medical Department and Adrien Diouf – PVF Physio have delivered presentation on treatments and how to prevent knee and ankle injuries in the case of professional athletes.


Doctor Renaud Guiu at the conference.

Regarding the students with Rehabilitation majors, Doctor Renaud Guiu believes that they can have potetial career options at PVF. However, the availability of in-depth Rehabilitation studies in Vietnam is limited compared to other countries.


PVF Physio Adrien Diouf (second from the left) at the conference.


Doctor Renaud Guiu and Physio Adrien Diouf were rated highly and the hosts want to strengthen the collaboration with PVF in order to contribute to the growth of Sport Science and Medical in Vietnam, matching with international caliber.

  • News, photos: Nhat Quang, PVF

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