Pham Xuan Manh completes his rehabilitation at PVF

Ngày cập nhật22/04/2019

On 20/04/2019, Mr. Pham Xuan Manh of SLNA has finished his rehabilitation at PVF.

This player was put on a 5 months rehabilitation program to recover after an ankle surgery due to ankle pain and instability. Physiotherapy techniques, antalgic techniques, strength and balance exercices, aerobic conditionning, injury prevention program, field sessions were parts of this program and he has completed all of the stages of the rehab without any problem.
He is now able to sprint, pass, shoot, cross, jump without any pain or discomfort.

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Mr. Pham Xuan Manh can return to full training with his team but he is not ready to play an official game yet. He must train normally for at least 2-3 weeks with his team before being albe to start in an official game to avoid the risks of re-injury and restore his confidence and his peak performance. Please note that due to a long term rehab and a long period without playing football, the player need time (training and game) before being able to play at the same level of performance as before his injury occured.

  • Thu Huong, PVF

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