Nguyen Viet Thang (SHB Da Nang FC) completes his rehabilitation at PVF

Ngày cập nhật08/04/2019

On April 5th 2019, Nguyen Viet Thang of SHB Da Nang Football Club has finished his rehabilitation at the Medical Department of PVF.

During his rehab at PVF, Thang has undergone whole body screening and based on this screening, we have applied medical treatments to strengthen his left quadriceps, both hamstrings, improved his body balance and body mobility.
At the same time, we put Thang on a progressive cardio-training program in order to prepare him for his return to training in the best conditions. At the moment, Thang is able to practice sprinting, passing and shooting but still required to follow a treatment program to be able to attend a complete training session and avoid picking up injury again. 

  • Thu Huong, the Medical Department of PVF

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