PVF begins its 12th recruitment campaign, in search of young talented footballers

Ngày cập nhật15/05/2020

From May 16, 2020 to August 2020, PVF Football Academy will organize its 12th recruitment campaign. The target participants are young men who are passionate about soccer born in 2009 nationwide. Through this recuitment campaign, PVF will recruit up to 30 Academy players for development into professional players who meet international competitive standards.

In order not to miss out any talent and be able to select the best candidate to become a member of the 12th recruited class, PVF will widely recruit players across the country through these following three channels:

Firstly, PVF will recruit players from selected community football centers through 03 selection rounds, from May 16 to June 7.

Secondly, PVF enrolls players through social networks for candidates at 05 locations in Hung Yen (PVF), Ha Tinh, Da Nang, Phu Yen and Dong Thap, from June 13 to July 12.

In addition, PVF also recruits candidates through district and provincial tournaments across the country.

Previously, from September 2019, PVF has met and discussed regularly with various community football centers to provide training materials, monitor and evaluate coaching activities at these centers. In addition to finding talents for PVF through players recruitment, this activity will help develop the foundation for local football and Vietnamese football in the future.


Becoming a PVF student is the dream of many players. But this is only the beginning. Each young player must constantly strive for improvement.

After the preliminary selection rounds, up to 100 best candidates will be selected for trial at PVF from July 18 to July 29, 2020. Depending on the situation of Covid-19 pandemic, the schedule for recruitment round through social media & trial period may vary and will be announced on PVF Facebook page and website.


PVF students are fully cared for in terms of expertise and mental well-being. They are educated at Vinschool to equip adequate knowledge and skills on the way to becoming a professional player.

In order to help the candidates show their best ability to play, PVF will organize the players to play a series of 4-minute 4v4 small-sided games to allow for observation and selection. Candidates will be evaluated based on these following criteria in descending order of priority: tactical awareness, technical ability, mentality and attitude, and physique.


PVF students are well taken care of during each meal. The diet is scientifically calculated to ensure both appetite and support the maturity and training activities of players.

Cédric Luongo, Head of PVF Grassroot, said: “We have been expanding cooperation, playing friendly matches with famous football clubs in the region and around the world; and at the same time bringing advanced soccer experts, technologies and standards to the Academy. Through this recruitment activity, we expect to be able to find young football talents to train and foster them to become Vietnamese players who meet international standards.


PVF students are trained at a modern facility with a team of experienced experts and coaches.

After being officially recruited, players will be trained by a team of top domestic and international coaches. Students are cared for both physically and mentally in a scientific, modern and humane environment; be able to comprehensively learn about culture, English and soft skills to become players who are not only good at professional, athletic, physical, and health but also disciplined, ethical, and responsive to meet the strict standards of world professional football. After graduation, students have the opportunity to become a player playing in professional football competitions domestically or internationally.

PVF was founded by Vingroup in 2008 with the mission of training and providing talented players for Vietnamese professional football, raising the level of home football to a world-class level. From 2010 to December 2019, PVF won 16 championships and 09 runners-up at Vietnamese National Youth Championships; and won 09 championship, 2 runner-ups at international youth tournaments. Many excellent players of PVF participated in national teams for major tournaments such as the 2017 U20 World Cup finals, won the runner-up at the U23 Asian Championship in 2018, won the AFF Suzuki Cup 2018, won the 30th SEA Games Championship in 2019, and reached the 2020 AFC U20 Championship final tournament. In 2019, a cooperation agreement between Vingroup and the Vietnam Football Federation – VFF was signed. PVF has played a coordinating role in cooperating with VFF to realize the Vietnamese football dream of participating in 2024 Olympics and 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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