PVF trains sports science knowledge for Technical Department staff

Ngày cập nhật15/05/2020

On the morning of May 14, PVF Head of Performance Division Anis Chaouachi organized a meeting to share professional knowledge on sports science to the coaching staff and related departments.

Football is not just technical. Have you ever wondered why the top players in the world can run like a track athlete with the distance of over 10km, with 50 to 70 acclerations during the span of 90 minutes effectively?

dao tao khoa hoc the thao1

Image from the session.

The secret lies in the training methodology, which needs to be scientific, enduring, and obviously, extremely demanding. In the session, PVF Head of Performance gave a range of knowledge, based on the latest scientific research and practical examples of how to develop fitness for football players at different age groups.

Based on the age, stage of development, and the development of each child, physical exercises should be built based on common standards, and requires personalization to achieve the best results.

To develop speed, a physical coach should aim to develop five different areas in the relationship between power and speed, including: maximum power, speedstrength, explosive force, strength-speed and maximum speed. Depending on the age, there is emphasis on specific areas, through specific exercises.

In addition to continuous training to improve physical fitness, a proper diet is extremely necessary. If the player can combine between proper training and proper nutrition, the fitness issue on the pitch will surely be solved.

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