PVF giving certifications for 78 grassroots football coaches in Ha Tinh province

Ngày cập nhật07/10/2019

After 5 days of participating in a coaching program organized by PVF and Ha Tinh Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, trainees who are officials working at the department’s offices located in 13 districts inside Ha Tinh were awarded certifications.


During 5 days (September 23 to 27), trainees joining the training courses were directly instructed by coach Pascal Vaudequin and experts from PVF about skills and methods to organize football training.


After studying theories, trainees got to practice following basic exercise lessons on the field, combined with strategy and tactics… This is an opportunity for officials working in the sports field to improve knowledge and skills, as well as a chance for them to study and exchange experiences.


Completing the course, the Organizing Committee conducted a quality-evaluated review, and gave certifications for trainees…


After the course, experts at PVF Academy will continue to support trainees in grassroots coaching activities, which will help to discover potential young footballers, providing sources for national football manpower in general and Ha Tinh’s in particular. In the picture: trainees taking a memorial photo with coach Pascal Vaudequin and the course’s organizers.


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