PVF got the right to attend National U-17 Championship Final 2020

Ngày cập nhật03/08/2020

In the afternoon of August 1, the last round of group A, C, D and E in the 2020 National U17 Qualification took place. The four best teams of these four groups were also identified to be PVF (Group A), HAGL (Group C), Saigon (Group D) and Dong Thap (Group E).

As the tournament regulation, the Finals will be the participation of 8 teams including 7 best teams passing the qualification (5 group winners and two best runners-up) and the last right belongs to the Finals host. However, that PVF- the Finals host- was the winner of Group A at the qualification gave another right to the third- best runner up in all 5 groups.


PVF U17 completed 2020 National U17 Qualificaiton with first the place in Group A. (Photo: Performance Analysis & Videos Division).

Based on the performance achieved by the teams after the qualification round in groups A, C, D and E, 2 out of the 3 places in the Finals for the best runners-up were awarded to Phu Yen in Group C and Nutifood Academy in Group E.

Due to the postponement of group B qualication since July 30 for Covid-19 epidemic prevention, the winner and its runne-up have not been determined yet. However, with 16 points achieved, SLNA has definitely enrolled themselves in the Finals though there are still 2 games left. Meanwhile, the current champion Thanh Hoa (14 points) is facing many challenges. It’s compulsory for them to win the decisive game against SLNA in the next round of Group B if they want to present in the Finals.

The Organizers will continue to closely follow the practical situation to plan and adjust the schedule of the remaining 2 matches of Group B in the up-coming time.

List of 7 out of 8 teams that got the ticket to the Finals: PVF (winner of Group A, the Finals host), SLNA ( winner of Group B), Hoang Anh Gia Lai (winner of Group C), Saigon (winner of Group D), Dong Thap (winner of Group E), Phu Yen and Nutifood Academy (2 out of 3 best runners-up).

  • Source: VFF

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