PVF-graduated U22 National Team members share their experience with PVF Academy players

Ngày cập nhật05/09/2019

Five PVF graduates, including Phan Văn Biểu, Bùi Tiến Dụng, Hà Đức Chinh, Đỗ Thanh Thịnh (SHB Đà Nẵng) and Trương Văn Thái Quý (Hà Nội FC), took part in a friendly meeting with their younger peers at the Academy on September 4th, just one day before embarking to China with the Vietnam U22 National Team.

The experience as shared by the players developed in the beginning days of PVF can be considered a valuable lesson for current PVF players. Through the told stories, it is evident that only through sacrifices and challenges that one can be successful, not just in football, but in all walks of life.
As remarked by Tiến Dụng, “we will grow quicker when we encounter difficulties”, and “all hardships are just challenges for us”. “When you decide to pursuit your passion, don’t give up easily” – Thanh Thịnh added.
This friendly meeting is a great opportunity, especially for the newly recruited 11th class of PVF Academy players, to meet and directly communicate to the senior PVF graduates, who have achieved success in their professional career. The meeting is also a direct way for the Academy players to look up their future figure of a professional player.
The following are some images from the friendly meeting:









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