PVF players celebrated Christmas

Ngày cập nhật24/12/2020

When the Christmas atmosphere is coming closely, like other kids across the country, PVF players also had the chance to stay together in the annual event titled “It’s 2020 Let’s shine like a Christmas star” on the evening of December 23.

In the Ceremony, PVF players took part in a meaningful activity called “lightening the Christmas tree” and PVF experts also had the chance to discover exciting Christmas stories and themselves perform songs.


Players received presents from Santa Claus disguised by PVF Coaches and Experts. Thought the presents were small in size, they brought little players happy smiles that decreased their homesickness when living far away from home for their professional football dream. Hopefully, PVF players could share memorable moments together.


Being PVF a player means that they will not only undergo the development from internal and external top- level Coaches but receive both physical and spiritual caring with comprehensive education, English and soft skills in a scientific modern and humanistic environment in order that they can become players with high competence outstanding fitness, strength and also discipline, morality and education to meet strict criteria of the world’ professional football.

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