U13 PVF visited the grave of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet

Ngày cập nhật24/12/2020

On the morning of December 21, U13 PVF paid a visit to the grave of the late Prime Minister Vo Văn Kiet in Ho Chi Minh city cemetery.

Promotion Fund of Vietnamese Football talents (PVF) was born by the suggestion of the late Prime Minster Vo Van Kiet who was always concerned with an aspiration to build up a professional and world- class youth football system when he was alive.

In every step of its progression, PVF always keep the promise with the late Prime Minister. Over the past 12 years, PVF has been a place to launch the football dream for lots of boys across the S- shaped land with the mission to develop and provide elite players for football clubs and Vietnam National Teams, which plays a part in promoting Vietnamese football.


When drinking water, honor the sources, U13 PVF showed their respect in front of the grave of the late Prime Minister after competing and wining the silver medal in the U13 Vietnam- Japan International Tournament. This would be a memorable experience and also a motivation for PVF players to always keep moving forwards to meet that aspiration.

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