PVF staff accompany with players for preventing the Covid-19 pandemic

Ngày cập nhật07/04/2020

Thanks to the proactive measures to control and prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, especially that PVF staff staying in the dormitory and tightening the entrance of the Academy, these days activities at PVF, including player training sessions, still take place normally.

From the beginning of February 2020, lots of measures have been prepared by PVF to respond to the pandemic caused by corona virus.


The entrance of PVF these days have been very strictly under control.
The information board at the Academy regularly update important news and knowledge for players, staff about the danger and measures of pandemic prevention. Face masks and disinfectant gel for hydro alcoholic hand-rubbing are set in many corners at the Academy in order to use by players and staff.



NThanks to proactively turning PVF into a strict place to minimize the entrance since the beginning of March 2020, daily activities at Academy still take place normally.
The Education & students welfare Department coordinated with student’s families to implement a series of measures to prevent the pandemic such as checking student information when returning to PVF after the Lunar New Year, classifying and examining students who had abnormal health signs, their parents cannot visit during the pandemic period…



Pho Hien FC, stationed at PVF, also applied same policy. These days the team still train normally.
At the Academy, medical staff, kit man (nannies) regularly check student’s health and remind them during activities. They need to use individual water bottles, limit gatherings, and at the weekend they temporarily live in the Academy.



By staying full time at PVF, the coaching and official staff have more moments to be closer to players. Following the picture is an internal competition organized by PVF coaches to help players keeping passion with football.


This is another internal competition match between U19 PVF and Pho Hien FC during the pandemic period.

All other cases are not allowed to come in or come out PVF. For the special case, it is also required to have strict control of the Security department according to the 6-step process. It must be far from family and relatives but all the staff who stay at PVF, agree that because this is a prerequisite to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic. The spirit of initiative and optimism is noticeable in every PVF person.


PVF students are excited about the yoga class in 360S room organized by French staff’s wives.
PVF staff also scheduled physical activities in order to improve physical and moral life, to create a positive atmosphere in the period of prevention Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Đỗ Tiến Quynh, PVF specialist on sports science equipment shared: “Although there is a feeling of homesick, all staff are still united to ensure safety to PVF. Despite being unable to go outside, we are still provided with all hospitality from the Academy. After work, we can do workout at the modern gym, use the pool, play football at the domed artificial pitch, play tennis or basketball, or simply walk around in the green and fresh environment surrounding by lively music, while video calling to relatives at home. On weekends, everyone can go fishing at the lake and organize BBQ party. Those activities are already difficult to do during ordinary days, let alone during the epidemic.


PVF coaches and staff can choose playing football at the dome as an activity after work.


Fishing at the lake in weekend can be another choice as well.
For players, although they separated from school, from family and many football tournaments have to be postponed/cancelled, they still study everyday with Vinschool teachers to ensure knowledge. Besides daily training session on the pitch, soft skill classes organized by PVF staff and expats help them learn and entertain at the same time.10

Relax by singing in the ball room.
French staff’s wives have opened yoga classes and psychological counseling workshop to support players in meaningful physical and metal activities. Otherwise, FIFA online (video game), billiards, chess, music, internal football matches competitions… will be held, creating a healthy playground for players, staff to participate in activities, improve solidarity.


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